Biodynamic Whole Wheat Flour (Wholemeal) (FRESH)

Biodynamic Whole Wheat Flour (Wholemeal) (FRESH)

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Absolutely nothing added or subtracted this is a 100% whole flour. That’s why bakers call it the” hundo”..

Variety: biodynamic "scout"

Grown by: Burrum Farms VIC

Extraction: 100%

  • at 100%, all of the grain goes in and all of the grain comes out, expect a slightly heavier flour with a full flavour hit. Great to use by itself or added to some of our lighter flours to add more complex, deeper flavours.


  • Delicious boozey wheaten characteristics, especially in a slowly fermented sourdough. This flour boasts the broadest spectrum of flavour compounds in our range. If you like your bread tasty and you like wheat-bixy yumminess then blend some of this into your dough.


  • A golden sandy tan colour, like wheat in the wind. You can see straight away that the bran particles are so small that they are barely visible. This makes a profound difference when baking great bread.


  • A mouth-wateringly big aroma that’s full of sweetness and life.


  • Takes on more water and creates livelier more vital doughs... sourdough bakers take note, reduce your inoculations!!

  • This flour is a perfect food for a hungry starter. Jam packed with all the goodies that make a happy biome.

  • Whilst whole flours hold more flavour and more nutrition they will also close up the crumb of a loaf, often making for a more dense bread. We recommend you try blending our white and whole flours until you find the balance that is perfect for you. Start with a 50/50 mix and go from there. If you want it lighter and sweeter add more white, if you like it hearty add more whole.


  • A good all rounder in the kitchen where fuller flavour, texture and nutrition are called for.  Great for bread, pasta and sauces.