Biodynamic Strong White Wheat Flour (FRESH)

Biodynamic Strong White Wheat Flour (FRESH)

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Strong and soft, the lightest and brightest of our flours.  Recommended for making great bread or pasta. Try using it as a base and adding spelt, wholemeal or rye to find the flavour profile that suits you.

Grown By - Burrum Farms VIC

Variety: Scout  - A high yielding variety suited to Victoria and South Australia

Extraction: 75%

  • With the finest 75% of the wheat flour particles remaining make this flour our strongest and lightest.  It's relatively high protein makes it great for a wide range of applications.

  • 75% of the whole grain (the yummy bits and the white stuff) is in the bag and 25% (just the bran, and really not all of it) has been removed. We feed this by-product to some very happy chooks at a friends chicken farm!


  • straight away when you open the bag you’re eyes will tell you this flour isn’t all that white. Rich in caretin this flour is different displays a rich creamy colour not unlike an old fashioned clotted cream.


  • a complex suite of flavours and aromas in the raw flour that create a diverse and complex, suite of flavour creating compounds developing sweet, creamy, custardy flavours and aromas


  • Sweet beautiful aroma quite unlike the lifeless barren shop bought alternatives


  • Takes on more water and creates livelier more vital doughs... sourdough bakers take note, reduce your inoculations!!


  • Used by most bakers who prize a lighter and fluffier loaf this also makes great (strong) pasta.  Suitable for all applications that demand a higher protein this tends to make a tighter denser cake.