Biodynamic High Extraction Wheat Flour (FRESH)

Biodynamic High Extraction Wheat Flour (FRESH)

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Fresh High Extraction Wheat Flour

Great for bread and a good compromise between the full flavour of whole flour and the more high protein strength of the bakers white.

Variety: biodynamic "scout"

Grown by: Burrum Farms VIC


  • A 85% extraction flour. So nearly all the grain, and the best bits at that, are in the bag. We simply lift off just the largest of the bran particles leaving a very fine powder that will give you the best possible balance of maximising flavour and nutrition without closing up the crumb or making your dough difficult to manage. High extraction flour has been popularised by Chad Robertson’s modern sourdough classic “Tartine Bread”


  • In appearance this flour looks a lot like our white flour, slightly deeper in those rich and creamy clotted cream tones and with barely visible golden bran particles evident.


  • a complex suite of flavour creating compounds that develop sweet, creamy, custardy flavours and aromas layered over the more present wheaten flavour brought in on the bran


  • Sweet beautiful aroma quite unlike the lifeless barren shop bought alternatives


  • Takes on more water and creates livelier more vital doughs... sourdough bakers take note, reduce your inoculations!!


  • Great for making pasta, good in sauces etc. a good all rounder in the kitchen where fuller flavour, texture and nutrition are called for