How to Start Your Own Milling Business Ep1 Who are Rock Paper Flour

This is a blog detailing our journey.  I hope it will inspire others to be a part of the future of food systems, build a business or take a risk and follow their dreams.  Or at the very least be a mildly interesting tale of three idealistic fools and their mill, the worst a cautionary tale about three idealistic fools and their mill..

We are at the beginning of our journey, to build a business that allows us the freedom to follow our passions.  What this means is different to each of us and whilst we are all passionate about regional food economy we each have different things we love doing to support these. James is our miller and baker and has been doing all the heavy lifting during this start-up phase - both literally and figuratively! Andrew works in the corporate world and has a great big beautiful business brain. He can read the numbers like a gypsy reads tea leaves and it'll be thanks to his planning and insight if we're still here in ten years!!

I'm Glen, the self-styled "ideas guy" and whilst I have just begun working in the business I have been involved from inception and it was my bright idea of combining James technical skills and Andrew's business brilliance together to create Rock Paper Flour. (You're welcome everyone!)

There are two other collective contributors that need to be singled out.  Firstly our farmers, Rock Paper Flour has been set up to celebrate produce that is grown sustainably for it's nutritional and flavour benefits.  We'll talk more about these wonderful people in greater depth further down the track.

Finally and most important dear reader it's you. You who have made the decision to help us help them help you to be a part of a brighter future.  Whether your a commercial baker providing bread for your community or a weekend warrior leavening lovely loaves for your family we are so deeply grateful to you for giving us this opportunity to do something we love, something that inspires us and rethink how we consume in the 21st century!